Logistics Software Tailored
to Your Company

When can you benefit from our custom logistics software?
As the owner or manager of a warehouse, fleet, or 3PL coordination business, you’re looking to scale up operational efficiency,

but the off-the-shelf software products available on the market don’t fit your unique workflow, they are too general, too complicated, or don’t address your pain points;

your company has already invested in a software product which hasn’t brought complete success;

complicated excel tables and copious amounts of paperwork in your process are killing your scalability; you seriously need an alternative, but you don’t want to thrust radical workflow changes on your employees;

and you need to find a reliable software development team to implement your revolutionary idea, which will secure for your company a leading position in the market.

Application Areas

Why Us

  • our solutions adapt to the existing workflow, there is no steep learning curve
  • seamless integration with all your existing software systems and departments
  • resolution of your unique pain points
  • simple, robust and scalable solutions based on 15 years of international experience
  • solid solutions by combining the best of your and our expertise
  • constant information flow and knowledge transfer to ensure your independence throughout the entire project
  • mandatory attention to industry specific local and international regulations (including GDPR)
  • transparent pricing


The Development Process

Project Discussion

We discuss your development goals and logistics software requirements with you.

Business Analyses

Our business analyst studies your existing computerized or manual system.

Design Presentation

Our software architect comes up with a solution and a quick design presentation or prototype.

Software Development

The finalized design is implemented by our development team in two or three incremental deliverables.

Final Deployment

The finished custom business software is handed over to your IT team for final deployment.

Get in Touch

Share your goals and requirements with us. We will discuss with you how can we make your company even more effective with a custom logistics software.
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